Content strategy

Why we should care about content first?

Because no matter how the web and app present our content, the content itself doesn’t change. So the first thing we should focus is the content structure.

By structure, I meant the important order of our content. I meant the correct headings for our content. The informative HTML tags we applied to our content.

The next most important thing after document title is our headings.

Headings define the document outline. It shows the architecture of the essay.

Correct use of headings helps both readers and software process the content.

Our main heading (h1) may be used in many places. It could be the title of our essay that’s displayed in:

  • Email newsletter
  • Read later service

For detail about how we should use the headings, we may check the reference to the W3C spec about the headings.


Now try to make use of the HTML5 tags to write a news web page. You may create or copy dummy content. We focus only on the structure.

Try to write the core content first. Then add the author information. Then the category of this essay. Then add a website header and footer. Then add a navigation list. Then add a side bar to display related content. After adding all these things, can the reading tool still extract your essay content?

What’s next? We’re going to take a look at “Content structure”.

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