Tutorial 2 – Multiple Lists

The task – Managing multiple task lists

What to do?

  1. Further enhance the features.
    1. User can create multiple task lists.
    2. User can move tasks between lists.
    3. User can create task inside task list.
    4. User can set task list to be either public or private.
    5. User needs authentication to view private list.
    6. There are roles for user – Admin or User.
    7. Admin can create new user to manage tasks.
    8. Admin can remove existing users.
    9. User can add comments to any task.
    10. User can see comments on task page.
    11. User can add comments to task list.
    12. User can assign task to specific user.
  2. Implement the features one by one.

What’s next? We’re going to take a look at “Tutorial 3 – Misc Enhancement”.

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