Tutorial 1 – Task management

The task – Creating ONE task list

What to do?

  1. Create a new rails app.
  2. Install the cucumber-rails gem.
  3. Define features.
    1. There is ONE and only one list.
    2. User can create task.
    3. User can delete task.
    4. User can edit task.
    5. User list all the tasks.
    6. User can set how important is the task. (Most Important, Important, None)
    7. User can set a due day to task.
    8. User can see which tasks are important.
    9. Important tasks are put on top in the list.
    10. User needs authentication before managing the tasks.
  4. Implement the features one by one.

What’s next? We’re going to take a look at “Tutorial 2 – Multiple Lists”.

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