Entering the era of mobile app

What is the current mobile app development situation?

We just talk about the modern mobile app development.

It all begins from the debuts of iPhone SDK in 2008.

And Android follows. Then Windows follows.

Now we got a lot of smart phones.

It is a deal-maker,

  1. People using more smart phones than desktops.
  2. It is a relative new market people rushing to get an app on smartphones.

And we want our apps on those smart phones, inside their pocket.

How to do that?

The straightforward path would be going native. Using the mobile phone’s OS SDK and compiling the programming code into byte-code for each platform.

OS Language
iOS Objective-C
Android Java
Windows Phone C#

This means we need 3 dedicated teams to develop our app for each platform. Or at lease 2 assuming we get rid of windows phone support.

By the way, it is definitely possible to go for the native approach.

Now, let’s go for the other option.

Every smart phones got a modern web browser.

So, every one is getting a web browser in their pockets.

Every one has access to the web at any time.

What this means?

It means we can design application and utilities that runs in web browser.

In web, we have client-side and server-side technology.

What’s next? We’re going to take a look at “Client side technology”.

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