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I created this post for a sharing session hosted in University of Macau.

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My first job was designing and building real-time multi-players virtual world. I published a book related on the same topic by the experience I gained.

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Then I founded TwinsGames and 42games. Fish Ball is one of the most successful games I built.

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As an IT developer, we create values and sell them.

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My golden time to build things is from 7pm to 1am at night. The time that I free my mind from my school/work.

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What values we can create? How about recording some sound effects to sell? How about creating web site templates? Or powerpoint templates? May be writing a 10-pages PDF e-book? There are lots you can create and share.

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When you sell your values, you may gain money, reputation, chances or new job.

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Here are some examples on what you can sell and what revenue to expect.

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Although I used money as a messurement. Remember that great products always come from your passion and hobby. I built lots of things because they are all my hobby. I have passion to keep creating things I love. And thus this creates a motivation so that I can solve any challenges in front of me.

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If I am not doing all my stuffs with passion, I won't learn so much things.

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Play and do experiments often.

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And don't wait until prefect. Share things earlier and you will learn more from while you are sharing.

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Don't be afraid of mistakes. Learn from the mistakes.

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We can't catch 2 rabbits at the same time.

Stay focus.

Stay LASER focus.

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Don't worry about constraints. They are good things to keep you focus and creative.

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Remember, The day you get your product done is the day 1. It's the beginning.

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Selling your product is another big topic.

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Finally, few iOS development tips here as requests by the audiences.

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The official documentation is a treasure that worth digging it every day.

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The WWDC app has lots of great videos and I watch one video every day.

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If you need to get start, lecture CS193P from Stanford is a great resource.

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Once your apps get approved and on app store, make user to update them very often. Fix bugs, improve copy writing, new improvements, whatever. Just upload another build once the last build is approved by Apple.

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Thank you and any questions are welcome. Please post them in the comments section below.

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